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Women In Uniform And Military Wives Find Themselves:

frequently uprooted, yet longing for community, constantly in limbo, yet
longing for certainty, and
consistently weary, yet longing for hope.

We get it.

We understand all the challenges (and the feelings that come with them). As women in uniform and military wives, we also live “in the trenches.” Some for a few years and some for many more. Combined we’ve served hundreds of years in the military community as women in uniform (active, guard, and reserve) and as military wives (or both), representing all branches of service. We have lived the life and continue to do so, experiencing all that it has to offer.

While we would agree that it can be hard, wearisome, and challenging, we also believe it has given us a front row seat to see God at work. We’ve seen hope, certainty, and community come to life as we walk out our faith, trusting the One who holds us all.

We don’t plant our roots in the dirt where we live. Instead, we plant our roots deeply in Christ Jesus. We’d love to testify that military life was a walk in the park as we live and walk with the Holy Spirit, but it’s not. Life can still be hard, seasons can be heavy, challenges still come, but we know who pours grace, mercy, and peace over it all.

Over the years, we’ve learned to study God’s Word, build community with other Christian women, and share the stories of God’s faithfulness. It’s what we do at Planting Roots. Here we provide resources to grow in faith, community so we don’t do it alone, and events that grow courage in us to keep going.

We believe God made us to do this life TOGETHER – and who better to “get your life” than those who walk it too? Our prayer is for all uniformed women and military wives to be deeply rooted in Christ, living in the hope and joy only He can provide, and sharing that hope with others.

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