WoW! It’s not often that I am speechless, but occasionally I am without words and all I got is . . . WoW!

Today has been that kind of day. Actually, every day this week has been a kind of WoW! day.

We live our lives with the intention of doing it on purpose, but if we are honest with ourselves we often just go through the motions of our daily-ness. Not because we don’t care, we just got stuff to do, people depend on us and we only have 24 hours in a day to get it all done. So, we wake up, consume lots of coffee, and just start attacking our day with the vision of just surviving it. Then one day, something else happens. Something we did not expect to happen. Something that we could not anticipate or orchestrate ourselves and it changes everything. Something happens that sets our day on edge and actually sets our lives on edge.

January 14th was that day for me.

My son and his precious wife gave birth to our first grandson, Isaiah Timothy Duff at 11:50pm (pst) and our lives were set on edge, forever. Isaiah was born at 25 weeks and 4 days gestation. He is what is termed a micro-preemie (we had to look that one up online), weighing 1.14 pounds and measuring 13 inches long. He came into the world alive and breathing on his own . . . just much sooner than we expected. Now its 8 days later and Izzy T (that’s what Pappa Duff and Grammy call him) is still breathing on his own, has lost and re-gained his birth weight, grown ¼ inch, and is consuming breast milk through a feeding tube. He is also still breathing on his own, a miracle. There is no doubt that January 14, 2015 will remain a WoW! day for our family.

Although we were surprised and we were left with just the word, WoW!, God was not. He knew since He first said, “Let there be light,” that Isaiah Timothy Duff would be born January 14, 2015.

God was all over this.


For the last few weeks my women’s Bible study has been studying Gideon. The title on the front of my book says, “Your weakness, God’s STRENGTH.” You wanna hear something funny? The word God gave me for this year is STRENGTH. Seriously, Lord, this is the plan? I now have a kindred kind of relationship with Gideon. I understand his pain. He was just going along doing his daily-ness and hoping to survive from one day to the next. Nothing special, just life . . . then BAM! God shows up and flips his world on edge. Now Gideon is having a WoW! day.

This week in our lesson we are at the good part, the battle! Whoever said the Bible is boring is not reading the Bible, period. There is more action in Judges than you can shake a stick at, and that’s just one book! Gideon has heard from the Lord and he takes “the plan” back to his 300 fighting men. They are to separate into three companies and spread themselves along the perimeter of the enemy’s camp. Don’t worry, they have weapons, a torch, a pot and a trumpet. I don’t know about you, but I want more than that going into battle. Read the Biblical account and you will be absolutely fascinated, I promise. After reviewing the lesson, I walked away with these three thoughts:

1. What in the world did Gideon say to those men to get them to follow him?

2. What was the enemy thinking when Gideon and his men blew their trumpets, broke their pots, and screamed, “For the sword of the Lord and Gideon!”?

3. What was it like to see more than 150,000 men slay themselves right before your eyes?

But, then I thought, “who cares, they won!” They were up against ridiculous odds. They should have lost. And not just lost, they should have been slaughtered . . . “but God.” They took no swords into battle yet their enemy was destroyed by swords . . . their own, amazing.

You know where I am going with this don’t you? God will never ask you to do hard things. God will always require you to do the impossible things. God will remain faithful to call you to do what you are convinced you cannot do, at a time that is most inconvenient and in a place that you hate. Trust me on this. Why? Why would God do that? Because God’s STRENGTH is only made perfect in our weakness. The frailness of our lives is the perfect platform for God’s glory, WoW!

I wrote these words the day Isaiah was born, “Faith, it’s what defines our walk when all that is required is faith.” This world we live in deals in realities that can be understood. As believers, we must deal in “but God” realities. Not an easy task, unless you walk in faith. Babies born at 25 weeks gestation are not born breathing on their own. They are usually resuscitated and then put on a ventilator. That’s a proven reality. Isaiah was born alive and breathing on his own. That’s a “but God” reality.

We do not know what our futures hold, but we do know our God. WoW! days are more about walking in faith days. Once again, I am saying loudly to my circumstances, “It is God who arms me with STRENGTH!” (Psalm 18:32) As you walk through the rest of this day and into the next several days, ask yourself, “Am I walking in faith? Are my WoW! days overtaking me?”

I am leaving today to fly to see my Izzy T. I can’t wait to lay my eyes on this precious one, a miracle. It’s a long road from the NICU into his parents arms, but we will get so many WoW! moments as we watch this sweet boy grow in strength and stature. We get a front row seat… I don’t want to miss one moment of it <3

Gripped by the STRENGTH of a great God! ~ Claudia