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This is it!! While we wish all of you could be in person with us at all our events, we realize in our military culture that is not always possible. THIS is the solution!! Here we’ll come to you – right where you are in your own time and space. Your package here includes video and handouts from the main sessions as well as videos and handouts from workshops, all accessible wherever you are today. Prefer to join with others and walk through it together? Invite your friends and grab the group package. You’ll even find small group questions to get your discussions going.

As Christian military women, we get being in places around the world and still needing community and connection, with a huge dose of Jesus to keep us walking his calling for us. Grab your access today and gather with us in worship, community, teaching, and hope.

This year at Planting Roots we have been walking with Nehemiah and learning how the Lord would have us to #RISEUP where we are to do what he’s called us to in the places we are planted. Our #Strength2Thrive event, offered here digitally, will help you dig into Nehemiah and be reminded of God’s care of and purpose for you. Join us as we dig into Nehemiah and hear practical ways that we can live out God’s truth today. #FindYourPlaceAtTheWall


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